The Abouts


OVERiT's journey began in a garage spring of 2020. Creator 'Susie Q Parker' was in need of a face covering. The artist/interior designer/Mom created what is now the 'OVERiT bandana'. Initially, the bandana was created out of non other than her husband's underwear. Before you panic please understand that these underwear were not used, Davie owns underwear brand '2UNDR' and little did he know, his samples in the garage would act as the canvas that Susie would build her business on.

Susie's new design grew in popularity and within 2 weeks locals were looking to get their hands on them. She turned 150 underwear into 300 bandanas and sold out within two weeks. Susan quickly partnered with her husband Dave and son Johnny in the summer 2020 and here we are...  Providing functionality, style, and convenience. OVERiT is an expression of Susie and Dave's never-ending flow of energy creativity. 

*All of our products are made from leftover factory fabric, a high grade modal which is soft to touch! 


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