How we got started..

By john negrin

How we got started..

“If at first an idea is not absurd,” Albert Einstein famously said, “then there is no hope for it.” 

My name is Johnny and I am the Co-Owner of OVERiT.  Last spring when my mom called me exuding the outmost excitement involving her new discovery, I was all ears.


Just as this kind fellow from Germany placed himself in a wheel.. Susan placed her head in a pair of underwear. He discovered the motorcycle and Susie discovered the OVERiT.

Susie's timeline:

April 14th 2020 | Susie can't find a mask and eyes 150 sample men's underwear in her garage. (Husband owns an underwear company)

April 15th 2020 | Susie takes a pair of underwear and cuts the legs off..(hmm that oddly looks like a bandana)

April 16th 2020 | Susie wears the colourful bandana to her tennis match (people whisper in curiosity)

May 1st 2020 | All the underwear are transformed into bandanas sold totalling 300 bandanas

May 7th 2020 | Susie's birthday! Dave, Johnny and Susie start OVERiT.

 Dec 15th 2020 | First order lands and we are off.


It's funny how some of the best ideas come from the strangest places. These functional bandanas were originally cut from the legs of underwear. Innovative no?


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